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Save Your Decals With Wax Paper

Wall decals are a fantastic way to spruce up your space, but what if you want to reuse or store them for future use? If you saved the backing paper after you applied your decals, you are one step ahead! But no worries if you threw it out. Fortunately, saving wall decals using basic kitchen wax paper is a simple and effective method. Follow these steps to keep your decals in top condition:

Materials You'll Need:

- Wall decals

- Wax paper

- A clean, flat surface

- Scissors (maybe)

Cut Wax Paper Sheets

Cut sheets of wax paper into sizes that can comfortably accommodate your decals. These sheets will act as protective layers for your decals. Lay them flat on your clean dry surface.

Prepare Your Decals

Before you start, gently brush the wall decals free from dust or debris. Slowly peel off the wall, taking care not to let the decal fold onto itself.

If the decals are smaller than the width of your wax paper

Simply place them on the wax paper, one at a time, ensuring there is space between each one with no overlap. Gently press out any bubbles. Do not press or wipe hard to avoid ink transferring onto your hand.

If the decals are larger than the width of your wax paper

Two people are recommended. Carefully peel your decal off the wall and place it adhesive-side up on a clean, flat surface. Now, gently lay a sheet of the wax paper onto the adhesive. For each additional sheet needed, overlap the previous sheet by about one inch. The wax paper will protect the decal's adhesive for future use.

Roll and Store

With the decal face-up, loosely roll up your wax sheets. Store in a cool, dry place. Try to ensure the roll(s) will not be squished or creased during long-term storage. When ready to use again, simply unroll, peel and stick! By following these steps, you can easily save your wall decals using wax paper, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for future use or redecoration projects.

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