Wall Art Done Differently

Bridget Picture Perfect DecalsA STEP ABOVE VINYL DECALS

At Lolistix, we are dedicated to bringing you beautiful, fun, and unique designs that go beyond the ordinary. Our mission is to offer wall decals that stand out in terms of design and quality. Our peel and stick decals are crafted using a special 100% polyester fabric material with an adhesive back. This fabric is a genuine textile, woven with threads, onto which we print our designs and precision die-cut them. The result is a removable and reusable wall decal with a remarkable fabric texture and matte finish.

One of the key advantages of our decals is how easily they can be installed and removed without causing any damage. This makes them perfect for decorating spaces where you may have limitations. Whether it's a dorm room, apartment, rental home, or event space, our decals provide a solution when paint or nail holes are not allowed. Unlike standard vinyl wall decals that can damage paint or leave residue behind, our fabric stickers adhere to multiple textures and surfaces without causing any harm. Additionally, they offer a wide range of colors and don't require a perfectly smooth surface.

With Lolistix Decals, you can break through those barriers and transform your space with full-color self-adhesive fabric stickers. Enjoy the flexibility and creativity of our decals, knowing that they can be easily removed without leaving any residue or causing any damage.


We love to support the creative mind in everyone. Yes...EVERYONE has a creative mind! Sometimes you just need the tools to uncover it. This is why we make precision die-cut decals instead of full-sheets of wallpaper. We want you to design your walls and place our decals however they look best in your space. Break the rules! Wrap them around a corner, make flowers pop out of the baseboards, add watercolor brush strokes to your ceiling. Have FUN! Let your kids design their own walls, even if they decide every decal has to be placed in one corner, two feet from the floor. The good news is you can easily remove and reposition them after the kids are done!

We hope you love our decals as much as we do. We are constantly working to bring new designs and collections. If you have a design idea you would love to see, we would love to hear it! Feel free to contact us with suggestions or questions about our product.

Thank you and happy sticking!
Owner / Lolistix