How to Apply Vinyl Decals

How to Apply Your Vinyl Decal

Do not apply decals in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Thoroughly clean the surface on which your decal will be placed with rubbing alcohol or soap/water. NO Windex-type products! Completely dry surface after cleaning.

Lay decal face down on a hard surface and firmly scrape across the backing with the edge of a credit card. Tear off the pre-cut starter strip to expose a portion of the sticky tape/decal. 

Flip the decal face-up. Without letting the exposed sticky portion touch anything, place the decal exactly where you want it. When you are happy with the placement, use your fingers to smooth down the sticky edge onto the surface. This will hold the decal in position. Flip the rest of the decal over to peel the backing paper away.

Carefully lower the decal down from one side to the other while simultaneously smoothing the decal into place with the credit card in an up and down motion. Once the entire decal is stuck to the surface, lift a corner of the transfer tape up and fold it firmly back. Slowly peel the tape away, staying close to the surface. If the decal pulls away from the surface, carefully lay the tape back into place and firmly rub with the credit card again.
PRO TIP!   Use a sharp pin to poke the center of any large air bubbles and push the air out through the hole.